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best gym in dubai

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GYM24 is regarded as one of the most professional Fitness clubs in Dubai, equipped with most modern machines and with customer friendly trainers having updated international experience in Health management. Gym 24 offers complete flexibility and high quality equipment in a large 12,000 square feet facility including a ladies only area, group classes’ studio, outdoor swimming pool and changing rooms with showers and lockers. We focus on providing the most elite personal trainers, an outstanding selection of equipment and group training, as well as the most flexible and affordable membership options around. We provide exceptional personal training for peoples of all ages, all health levels and all shapes, to get back them to the right track of life. Gym24 is the one and only Health club with a realistic approach towards customers, offering them the best individually oriented service with a very affordable rate. Our trainers really take the time to get to know you and understand what you want to achieve and we’re right by your side every step of the way. Another unique benefit of membership at Gym24 is the process which we give attention and guidance to each members to achieve their specific goals.
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Boston Dental Center (BDC) is a state-of-the-art dental center in Abu Dhabi staffed with an outstanding team of dental professionals to provide the highest level of quality dental care in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Why Choose BDC? 1. Our specialists are highly specialized graduates from the best universities in the US; all are American Board Certified. 2. We use the most advance digital and safest dental equipment. 3. We are committed to the highest international standards of hygiene and infection control
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Zeta Lumen has always aimed to forge long-lasting partnerships with the best in the global lighting Industry. Since its inception, the underlying ethos at Zeta Lumen has always been an earnest, industrious and inspired effort to offer a pioneering product that delivers reliability, sustainability and contentment as the status quo. We believe that the right illumination in the right surroundings can inspire the best innovations and ideas. A lighting fixture should accentuate the features of its surroundings, complement the architecture around it and underscore the setting of the location through illumination and design. Together with our partners, we have executed landmark projects in the Middle East and continue to grow and empower our customers. Our range of countries span across the entire GCC (United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia), as well as neighbouring countries such as Egypt, Jordan and Iraq. Zeta Lumen offers solutions that are pre-SASO (Saudi Arabia certification) and KUCAS (Kuwait certification) approved, as well as EMAAR Retail Properties and Majid Al-Futtaim Retail Properties.
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Al Biraa Clinic (ABC) aims at providing high quality personalized healthcare. We take pride in the quality, experience and professionalism of our consultants and staff. Al Biraa Clinic provides attentive, confidential and quality care, ensuring strict codes of conduct and compliance with international standards consistent with centers of healthcare excellence . Obstetrics & Gynecology Department Women`s Health and Pregnancy Care One of the most noble and precious role of women is giving the gift of life to humanity. The organ which is responsible for this miraculous action requires very special care and attention to perform without complications or undesirable outcomes. The specialist who attend to all women`s health requirements not only should have the knowledge, but also the expertise and gentleness to provide the needed care. We at Al Biraa Clinic have one of the best specialists to perform such delicate job. Women`s bodies go through a lot, from puberty onward. Our experienced practitioners are ready to provide expert care for women of all ages for any of life `s challenges along the way. At reaching the age of puberty, all women should have an OB GYN to take care of their Female Reproductive Organ`s Health and Management of Pregnancy. Regular check-ups prevent Genital Infections, Genital Warts, Cervical Cancer, STDs, Breast Cancer, etc. Women`s health issues are personal. OB-GYN understands, and makes sure you get the attention you deserve, so you completely understand your health concerns. You`ll feel comfortable knowing you`re getting thoughtful, committed care for all your health needs.
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